Born in 1991, always attracted by art in all its forms, by good food and warm tones of Autumn!
I live in Chioggia, the little Venice, but I also work in Padua, Venice and Treviso or where I am required!
The passion for photography was born at school, when, with the advent of social networks, people started sharing photos to show them to others.
Thanks to the first satisfactions such as the victory of the "Vela Vento e Colore" competition, organized by the city of Chioggia for the "Blue October" event, I understood that I had to improve more and more, passing from the small digital camera to a bridge, and then crossing the threshold of the "reflex camera's world".
I studied as self-taught and then also I participated in various photographic courses.
It was during one of these that I realized my favorite genre: portraiture.
Initially I photographed anything I liked, but now in front of the lens there must be only people, deep gazes, movements and feelings. 

With my shots I want to communicate something special, a message, a mood or an emotion.
I love to photograph and immortalize over time all events that leave their mark in the heart of those in front of me: weddings, baptisms, memories of pregnancy, but also loves that blossom and loves that want to be celebrated! 

In 2016 I participated in the exhibition "Nereidi alla Deriva", dedicated to the fight of physical and psychological violence against women.
Also in that period I won the third place at the "Italia Photo Marathon" which took place in Padua.
In 2019 I participated in a new edition of "Italia Photo Marathon" in collaboration with AISM association and I won the special mention award.
For me All these goals are the confirmation that photography is my way!
It is a way to let off steam, to take away the stress and problems of life. My motto is "photography as a cure for the soul".